Martin Richard Gilks - 02.03.1967 - 03.04.2006

Memories shared

From: Finn Wightman
Who is in: United Kingdom
Has this memory of Martin to share on 03/04/2012 :
Still in our thoughts. Still rocking our house.

Finn xx

From: Orange Man
Who is in: London
Has this memory of Martin to share on 03/04/2012 :
6 years? Where did that go?

From: Simon warren
Who is in: England
Has this memory of Martin to share on 03/12/2011 :
Was a big poppies & stuffies fan back in the day seeing them over 20 times. One the best was when they played at feet first, Camden palace. Late replacements for the neds due to a broken arm. Malc treece had trouble getting in and I recall telling the bouncer he was in deed in the band. Martin was by far the coolest looking - he was the George Harrison of the stuffies. I really like the way he looked in golden green vid. Really enjoyed the big day out and all their music. Sadly missed but not forgotten. In fact will get me groove machine on right now

From: Phil Parrott
Who is in: Chelmsford, Essex.
Has this memory of Martin to share on 07/11/2011 :
Still a regular in my thoughts, Gilksy. Little things remind me of you all the time. I still have Yin's cymbal from your burnt out VW when you were on your way to Bug Jam. Not really sure what to do with it. I did offer it to your son, but he prefers your proper drum kit that actually works. Fair point.
Catch you later.

From: Mags Bennett
Who is in: Telford
Has this memory of Martin to share on 10/06/2011 :
Just adore The Wonderstuff. Their Hometown Hoe Down at Aston Villa Leisure Centre - one of the best gigs I ever went to.

Now a middle aged mom of 3, it's my pleasure to blast The Wonderstuff from my car CD player and hear my kids singing along with every line.

RIP Martin - you gave me so many good memories - thank you.

From: Jayne
Who is in: west yorkshire
Has this memory of Martin to share on 30/05/2011 :
I first went to see the stuffies when I was 15 in Manchester. It changesd my life, the energy and the people and the beautiful men on stage. I am now almost 40! I listen to their music almost daily, I will never forget hanging out with them an of course the neds! Good Night, God Bless. jxx

From: Chris Hoy
Who is in: Birmingham UK
Has this memory of Martin to share on 11/05/2011 :
I would just like to say that I have just met Martin's parents in the Apple shop in Birmingham when I saw over Martin's dad's shoulder some pics of him. I have never met such lovely people & I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them & sharing my stories & showing them my Wonder Stuff tattoo !! Mr & Mrs Gilks I have to say it was a pleasure chatting with you & please send me details of the T shirts !!

RIP one of the best drummers this country has ever seen

Chris Hoy

From: coxy
Who is in: liverpool
Has this memory of Martin to share on 12/04/2011 :
went to school with gilksy and used to get bus home to brewood with him and tank - saw him in the band xcalibre - good nite mate

From: Phil Reilly
Who is in: Stoke St Milborough, Ludlow
Has this memory of Martin to share on 17/10/2010 :
I was searching You Tube when I found Wish away. What happy memories that song bought back of my last year at Deansfield High and provided a soundtrack for my youth . I like so many others had lost track of the stuffies due to modern life. I was first exposed to the stuffies via a promo disc which was given by a certain teacher at school which I still have to this date. So sad to hear of the passing of Martin. RIP

From: Bryan Jones
Who is in: Edinburgh
Has this memory of Martin to share on 17/06/2010 :
I wouldn't play the drums like I do if it wasn't for MG. God bless ma man.

From: Julie Tomkinson
Who is in: york
Has this memory of Martin to share on 10/05/2010 :
Wow, 4 years have gone by so quickly but so slowly i imagine for the family.
I first heard The Wonderstuff when i was around 12yrs old. 21 years later they are undoubtibly my all time fav band. Martin was such an amazing drummer.Even now Piece of Sky brings me out in goosebumps when I hear it.I hope you took your piece of sky Gilks

From: Lu de Pina
Who is in: Johannesburg
Has this memory of Martin to share on 19/04/2010 :
I got into the Wonderstuff around the time of 'Never Loved Elvis' ie 1991. I thought their drummer was incredible!
I became a life-long fan.
I was extremely saddened in 2006, to hear of the passing of Martin Gilks, and send all my condolences to his family. 4 years after the fact, I still play his music often & think about him fondly.

From: Phil Parrott
Who is in: Essex
Has this memory of Martin to share on 14/04/2010 :
Always thinking about you fella.
Where does the time go?
Much love.

From: Chris
Who is in: Bath ne Brum
Has this memory of Martin to share on 08/05/2009 :
Still pop back to remember every now and again. Time to break out TELGM again and go back 20 years. All the best.

From: Phil Davison
Who is in: Essex
Has this memory of Martin to share on 18/04/2009 :
I was a long haired spotty teenager in the late 80's early 90's. I found the wonderstuff through a friend and never looked back. I just found out that Martin had passed away 3 years ago. I am deeply saddened and I send my condolences though late to his family and friends. All my baby son's fell asleep to Piece of sky.

From: eileen gilks
Who is in: Shropshire.
Has this memory of Martin to share on 12/04/2009 :
Three years on can seem like three minutes when a much loved family member has gone for ever from this world.

Once again we thank you all for posting such wonderful tributes of love and respect for Martin on this website. Reading about how he touched so many people during his short life has helped us enormously.

We send a special thank you for the tribute sent by Jessica Ronson-Jones, the former wife of Rob The Bass Thing. Fame always comes at a price - and all too often that price is arrogance. We are so pleased Martin was able to rise above that corrosive aspect of the industry. He knew very well it was the fans that kept the Wonderstuff riding high and it was important to value them.

He was quietly proud of his achievements both as a musician and a manager. Our family, although still sad, are very grateful so many of you loved him enough to send in tributes.

Kindest regards to you all.

Eileen and Ken Gilks.

From: Phil Parrott
Who is in: London
Has this memory of Martin to share on 02/04/2009 :
02/04/09 - 3 years on, and the laughter and smiles are still fresh. Good times, indeed.

From: Jessica Ronson-Jones
Who is in: New York City
Has this memory of Martin to share :
I was the wife of Rob Jones, The Bass Thing. Martin was the only permanent member of the band (including mgmt, etc) that Rob and I liked, and who was never nasty to Rob when they worked together. Martin was a nice man. I am sorry he passed away. Hopefully, The Bass Thing was there to meet him, and guide him in, and greet him on The Other Side. My condolences to his family, especially his children, who he loved very much, and is certainly watching over, still today, and forever.

From: rfmh1
Who is in: glasgow
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Don't know what made me search for the wonderstuff tonight as i've lost track for a while although they were and always will be the best and most relevant band of my time.I'm shocked at the news and can't believe its been 2 years and i never knew.Met you in a bar before a gig in Irvine Martin,it was a pleasure to talk to you and hope you rest in peace.God bless you&thanks for the memories!

From: Col Mac - Frantic Chant
Who is in: Edinburgh
Has this memory of Martin to share :
From the moment i heard Unbearable on John Peel i was hooked on the Wonderstuff.
I play drums myself and whenever asked by anyone about the best/most influential drummer there is no mention for Bonham, Moon or all the other so called legends. Gilks had something no one else had, he managed to play patterns that were not just rythmic but also melodic.
Sorry for the muso wank but he`s the No.1 reason i wanted to play the drums and as my band approach our 5th album i still can`t rip off all his parts that i would like to.
Thanks for everything.

From: Jim
Who is in: London
Has this memory of Martin to share :
A great drummer, a funny man.

All my life Wonder Stuff gigs were the best. I remember the night I decided not to go to see the 'new look' stuffies, but instead to go to Hammersmith for an Oxfam show (with REM headlining). I met Martin there and we all laughed and agreed that this was a much better option than the Wonder Stuff gig that night! Fiddly (Martin Bell) was there too.

Just got tickets for one of the new Wonder Stuff shows, but it will never be the same again. Then again I am not 17 anymore either.

Great memories.

From: Gaz N
Who is in: Scotland
Has this memory of Martin to share :
A truly sad loss to his family, friends and us, the fans of his bands music. He was a fantastic drummer and as a member of The Wonder Stuff he helped to contribute greatly to the soundtrack of my teenage years and almost every time I hear the Stuffies, I feel happy and nostalgic - an achievement all bands would strive for with their fans after the passing of 20yrs.
Rest in peace Martin, god bless.

From: Tim
Who is in: Melbourne ex Bath
Has this memory of Martin to share :
The groove machine were the soundtrack to my youth, and what a soundtrack. Thanks for the memories Gilksy, give my regards to Wiz and Dip if you see them.


From: paul
Who is in: doncaster
Has this memory of Martin to share :
you were just "2 legs of the greatest goove machine ever" thnx for all the top tunes that the stuffies hammered out, miss you & the bass thing.......keep on drumming gilksy where ever u r.

From: rad
Who is in: london
Has this memory of Martin to share :
still think of my mate a lot - and still miss him being around. surprises me sometimes the things that can trigger a memory completely out of the blue and then all of sudden, bang. and you're off..

2 years on - RIP

From: the darren
Who is in: london
Has this memory of Martin to share :
martin, just want you to know i'm thinking of you.

put simply, i miss you. x

p.s. you weren't there to take the piss after our 'eyes without a face' encore, so i did it myself when i got home. like to think i did you proud!

From: Finn Wightman
Who is in: Wolves
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Two years seems like nothing and forever.

Today, like many other days, your music will be playing in our house,no doubt something will set off a memory of past good times. It's hard to believe you are gone, when you are still so here.

Remembered, always.

Our thoughts are with you all, I'll be in touch Eileen.

Finn, Dave, Georgia, David and Alex xxx

From: Orange Man
Who is in: Chelmsford
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Been thinking about Martin today. I'm stuck in Aberdeen on a training course, but simple thoughts please the mind.

The memory remains.

From: David Keith
Who is in: Scotland
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Finding out a piece of news 2 years after it happened is bad enough... To find out from someone who kept in touch with everything during a drunken chat at a Miles and Erica gig in Guildford makes me feel even worse... only tribute I can honestly give is thank you so much for Grotesque.. One of the finest pieces of drumming EVER!... and for making the Barras bounce like a bastard.

From: Paul Moseley
Who is in: Staffordshire, West Midlands
Has this memory of Martin to share :
The Stuffies were the music to my growing up, Martin gave the rhythm to that march.

Rest is Peace.

From: Alshy
Who is in: Glasgow
Has this memory of Martin to share :
I only just found out about this. I was a big Stuffies fan back in the day. How very sad.

From: clairebidgood
Who is in: cardiff
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Been looking at this site for 18 months now. never new what to say, but I have some wonderful photos of Martin drumming & a special one of me & him. First met him when I was 14 outside Newport Centre. He told me to 'fuck off, i haven't got a pen!' obviously charming! 6 years later, I held it against him. what a man!x

From: neil
Who is in: huntingdon
Has this memory of Martin to share :
I watched my 'welcome to the cheap seats' video yesterday for the first time in about 10 years. saw martin on their holding his baby son, he comes across as a really nice, down to earth bloke, feel terribly sad for his family and friends. I lost my brother-in-law in a bike accident 5 years ago. i know this is a belated message, but my thoughts are always with families who lose a loved one in such shocking circumstances.

From: Nighean
Who is in: London
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Just found out this terrible news. As seems to be the case with so many of the memories shared, the Stuffies were the soundtrack to my late teens and I was fortunate to catch 3 or 4 of their gigs. Just superb.

Gilksy - Good night and God bless.

From: andy smudge
Who is in: burton on trent england
Has this memory of Martin to share :
I spent most of my youth following the stuffies, good times bad times, but through it all i laughed out loud.I met martin once in a bar and he was one of the nicest down to earth people i have ever met

I even lost a job through going to see them for the third night at brixton !!!

rest in peace you are sadly missed

From: Rod Downs
Who is in: Bristol
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Lifted my finger of the music pulse for a while and when I returned I was devastated to learn of Gilky's passing. A great drummer and a great band.

From: Rod Downs
Who is in: Bristil
Has this memory of Martin to share :
A massive fan

From: Mark
Who is in: Christchurch, Dorset
Has this memory of Martin to share :
I only recently heard this sad news. Rest in peace Martin. You were a major influence on me and my drumming. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.


From: Naomi Kuritzky Regan
Who is in: Bellevue, Washington, USA
Has this memory of Martin to share :
It has been so long but I will never forget. Had a dream about you not too long ago. Well, it was a Wonder Stuff gig (1995 line-up) and it was actually happening in the dream and I was there but I knew you were really gone (even though you were playing) and I cried.

Every once in a while I stop when I remember you're gone and it just strikes me almost anew.


From: Simon Read
Who is in: Edinburgh
Has this memory of Martin to share :
I've just discovered The Wonder Stuff through a friend and the music and sense of fun has helped get me through lifes ups and downs.

Thank you Martin and may you rest in peace.

From: Darren
Who is in: Sthelens
Has this memory of Martin to share :
A massive part of a truly massive band that has saw me through a lot of years. heavan has one hell of a musician to add to its collection. God bless the F***ing lot of us

From: Roy
Who is in: Belfast
Has this memory of Martin to share :
RIP Gilksy. I met you once in 1992 at the 'Trip 2 Tipp' in Tipperary. I was honoured to shake hands with a real life hero. The Stuffies made and still make my world a better and more interesting place to be in. Hope you and the Bass Thing dont give 'The Big Disco King' up there too much bother.

From: John Rowell
Who is in: Sunderland
Has this memory of Martin to share :
The Wonder Stuff were my first real musical love and soundtracked my mid to late teens - the best years of my life. Hearing this desperately tragic news saddens me greatly but then I think back to those great years and in particular that incredible summer's day at the Bescott Stadium in Walsall. Gilksy, I know you Rob will be making a racket somewhere in your Piece of Sky.

From: Vic
Who is in: Stafford
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Rest in peace, Martin. Your music made my teenage years so much more bearable and I have a lot of happy memories from back in the day.
Much love to your family and friends x x

From: melissa
Who is in: newcastle - australia
Has this memory of Martin to share :
12 months already.

When i heard i cried for the loss of such a sweet and funny soul.

Missed by many and loved by all.

From: Dave Cullen
Who is in: Cherokee, Oklahoma, USA
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Chaos theory asserts that, given the right circumstances, the wing of a butterfly in Brazil can cause a hurricane in the North Atlantic. Martin was certainly no butterfly, but the force of his life was as powerful, though not as violent, as a hurricane; and as far reaching. The man, the son, the father, the brother, the friend, the ultimate showman; all the things he was still resonate across the world, carrying always his music with a thousand codas. How fitting a legacy that no one alive today will still be living when his influence ultimately becomes one with the music of the spheres.

From: deano
Who is in: oldbury
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Hard to take in the shock news. Thanks for all the great memories and years that i'll never forget.
To tank and family forever in our thoughts.
God Bless

From: sonia
Who is in: staithes
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Only heard recently but since then thought about family a lot, specially my teenage amigo Tank. Know how close Chris and Martin were, tragic loss.....

From: Kevin Freeman
Who is in: Tamworth, Staffs
Has this memory of Martin to share :
Time has gone so fast, much has changed, but we will never forget.

"God Bless The F**kin' Lot Of Us"

From: Dave Dawson
Who is in: London
Has this memory of Martin to share :
I still stand in awe whenever I listen to those first few TWS albums. No-one else could of made it sound so natural.

Rest in peace fella.

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April 03, 2012.

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April 03, 2009.
CARE Head Office have again thanked us for the donations received after Martin's death. They maximised the donations via Gift Aid where possible and the final total was 5,778. 85. A truly wonderful thing.

April 03, 2007.
Today, we’re far removed from the I.C.U. ward in Tooting. We’re heading up a mountain in Southern Spain, the mountain behind Shaun’s house, to scatter Martin’s ashes so that his journey can be completed.

Thank you for returning to this site, for sharing you thoughts, encounters, love. Thank you for the thousands raised in donations for C.A.R.E. Ironbridge, all of which went toward their Ruby Appeal making dreams come true – an ongoing series of events.


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Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. xxx

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